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How will we save the Constitution of the United States?

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From: "Larry Topham"
To: "Jan Kerr"
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2004 2:08 PM
Subject: RE: Event: Constitution Party Convention

Dear Jan Kerr,

Check out the following article on

Event: Constitution Party Convention
Constitution Party Convention Utah Politics


I thought you might like this information from the Constitution Party with my views attached. Use the link.


---Comments included here for convenient reference.----

Comments made by Lawrence Rey Topham
May 1, 2004 A.D.

Dear Ed McGarr: Constitution Party of Utah.

I read your invitation article posted on Utah Politics and found it of interest. My name is Lawrence Rey Topham. I am a candidate for the office of governor of the State of Utah and also a candidate for president of the United States.

How is the Constitution Party going to save the Constitution if its candidates do not obey the law in respect to:

1. Filing as candidates for public office at the time prescribed by the Constitution and laws of Utah? Dates: April 15 through May 10, 2004 A.D.

2. Paying a filing fee with any Thing but gold and silver Coin? Falsifying a public account is a felony of the thrid degree and may be prosecuted at anytime.

3. Supporting a primary election on the 4th Tuesday in June, June 22, 2004 A.D.? The official date is the second Tuesday in September, September 14, 2004 A.D.

4. Attempting to have candidates placed on the November 2, 2004 A.D., General Election Ballot by paying a filing fee other than gold and silver coin?

It is notorious that no persons elected to the office of senator in the Utah Senate filed the required oath of office with the Secretary of State of the State of Utah within sixty days after the term of office began on the first Monday in January 1975 A.D., nor for any term of office thereafter up to the present time.

Olene S. Walker and Gayle F. McKechnie have not filed oaths of office with the Secretary of State of the State of Utah for any public office, Nor has Christine M. Durham or any other legislative, executive or judicial officer, save one only.

Filing to become a candidate for public office with an unofficial lieutenant governor or an unofficial county clerk does not constitutionally and lawfully qualify a person to become a candidate for public office in the State of Utah.

If the members of the Constitution Party of Utah and of the United States truly intend to support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and of this State, how can it be done by violating both of them by honoring people as public officials who have not qualified for public office pursuant to U.S. Const.,Article VI; 1 Stat. 23; Utah Const. Aricle IV, Section 10; Utah Code Annotated, 1953, sections 52-1-2 (The oaths of office of all state officials shall be filed with the secretary of state.) 52-2-1:(Failure to qualify within sixty days, office declared vacant.) 76-8-203: (Unofficial Misconduct-exercising the functions of a public office without filing the required oath of office.)?

For more than thirty years the political leaders have not observed these laws, and the candidates of the Constitution Party have not qualified to be on the ballots for any county or for the State of Utah.

The deadline for filing is May 10, 2004 A.D., but unfortunately the Constitution Party of Utah did not file a petition with the Secretary of State of the State of Utah, so it has not qualified to be on the official ballot for the primary or for the general election in November[November 2, 2004 A.D.].

Like most things, there is a remedy for those who truly want to abide the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Constitution of the United States.

Agency gives us the power to choose, but also makes us responsible for our own deeds relative to the prevailing law.

Officers shall be bound by oath of office or we are not bound to obey them.

"No State shall...emit Bills of Credit...or make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts." U.S. Const., Article I, Section 10.

Please inform me how the members of an unregistered political party, such as the Democrat Party, the Republican Party or the Constitution Party, can save the Constitution and restore constitutional government while violating two fundamental principles of the Constitution:

1. Failing to qualify by taking, subscribing and filing the required oath of office with the secretary of state?

2. Failing to use gold and silver Coin as the only Tender in Payment of Debts?

James Madison equated a rage for paper money with insurrection, a wicked project. Federalist No. 10.

I find it most difficult to follow people who are not abiding the pinciples of the gospel or the precepts of the Constitution.


Lawrence Rey Topham
Secretary of State
State of Utah

Chief Elections Officer.

Posted by: Lawrence Rey Topham at May 1, 2004 04:51 PM Dear Mr. Ed McGarr Constitution Party of Utah. I apologize for misspelling your name in my comments shown above. [Name corrected above]. Respectfully, Lawrence Rey Topham Secretary of State State of Utah Chief Elections Officer Posted by: Lawrence Rey Topham at May 1, 2004 04:59 PM

----These comments of Lawrence Rey Topham were placed here for convienent reference.----


Jan Kerr wrote:

Thanks Larry, I read your comments, and they make sense. Now tell me, how do we solve this problem? Even you have difficulty, since you are living with your brother who pays the rent, utilities and buys groceries, etc., using the only form of money he gets from his work. How can we realisitically solve the problem? It's not so black and white. Technically, although indirectly, even you are surviving through the use of evil paper money. I don't mean to be disrespectful, I truely want to know, What is the solution to all of this?

While I'm at it... How do I go about officially registering to vote? Can I do it through you on line?


Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 19:41:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: Larry Topham
Subject: Re: Event: Constitution Party Convention. What we do to solve the problem?
To: Jan Kerr
Dear Jan:

Thanks for asking. I sent you a copy of Steve Montgomery's quote from John Adams. That statement is very very very important. President Benson said, "we must be accurately informed and then let others know how we feel." It is because I have done what both John Adams and President Benson suggested that I am in the circumstances I am in, and that is not a bad position to be in. Being as I am, without purse or scrip, I see things differently than almost all other people. I met you and Ron and Julie for the reasons I used to govern my life. I now consider the three of you to be among my most treasured friends.

I have done much of what I could do to become accurately informed. I let you, and Ron and Julie, among others, know how I feel. What I have done is:

1) read the laws of God and listened to the words of His prophets, which includes His 12 Apostles and my priesthood leaders, and
2) studied the laws so I could obey them as the prophets and apostles have directed us under the guidance of the Father, the Son and the HolyGhost.

If I have done any good, it is because of that influence. This is what every person should do. There is only one gate and one straight and narrow road to salvation and exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom of our Father in Heaven. Only faithful saints qualify for that greatest of all blessings, and they only qualify in two ways, first by keeping the commandments of God, and second by the grace or mercy of God which comes to us through his Only Begotten Son, who shed his own blood that we might live after we die because of our mortality. We are eternal beings.

Jesus Christ gave us the answer to your question. "If ye keep my commandments, then are ye my disciples indeed, and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

Jan this is the critical part. If we want to know the truth we must first keep the commandments of God. Otherwise we can never know the truth and be made free. I have read the Book of Mormon well over 100 times in the last twenty years and continue to read it regularly as well as other scriptures, even though I don't now have my own set of scriptures with me. I read them on the computers and books that I have access to. I believe with all my heart, as you expressed, paper money and debased coin, are evil. So I do not use them, no matter what the consequences of that decision. I promised my Father in heaven that I would never again use paper money or any thing like it. That was nearly 23 years ago.

My wife divorced me, asked her family, two elders, to make a formal complaint to the Stake President. When the Stake President and High Counsel met, 15 High Priests, I told them, I do not care what the rest of the world does, I will not use paper money because,

(1) It is dishonest,
(2) it is unlawful, meaning there is no law authorizing it,
(3) it is unconstitutional, and
(4) it is criminal.

I was first disfellowshiped and later excommunicated. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on this earth. All other churches are wrong. Jesus Christ declared this to Joseph Smith, Jr., in the Spring of 1820 A.D. That should have settled the matter for all people for all time. Therefore, there is only one church that can bring salvation and exaltation to the inhabitants of the earth. I know thatwithout any doubt. I am absolutely certain that is true.

Now, that being true, if I am to be saved, I have to be restored to membership in the Church. How is that going to happen? God said that He is no respecter of persons. If thou doest well shalt thou not be blessed, He said to Cain. But if not, sin lieth at the door. Cain rebelled against his Father in heaven, and killed his brother Abel. This was the beginning of the first "secret combination" between a man on earth and the devil. This secret combination has continued on the earth ever since that time. Those in the secret combination know of their secret oath which binds them to loyalty or they are to lose their lives, for the oaths sake. There combination is to get power and gain, even by murder, as was done by Cain to get Abel's property.

Today, paper money is the main tool used by the "secret combination" to gain control over all the people and wealth of the world, that is why they are putting every one in debt, either directly, into personal or corporate debt, or by government debt. This is how our freedom is being taken from us. There is not enough debt-credit in existence to pay the debts incurred which are not really debts but only the illusion of debt. Nothing is borrowed by the borrower. No money is involved. Deception is what causes people to think they are in debt. They are fooled into thinking bank credit, which is nothing, is something of value. It, is in effect, a false god that people worship, especially those who issue the "credit" which they say you must "pay" back with interest in their imaginary credit by their notes or by a check.

After the Constitution of the United States was ratified and became the Supreme Law of the Land, there was no issuance of government paper money until the Civil War Started. Then, in 1861, Congressmen violated their oath of office. Those in the South were in rebellion, and the ones in the North resorted to bills of credit to defeat the South. This is exactly what the Founding Fathers foresaw would happen if not guarded against.

On August 16, 1787 A.D.,the delegates in the Constitutional Convention debated this very matter. The day before Govourneur Morris recited the history of paper emissions with all of their distressing effects before their eye. The paper money had failed during the War for Independence. Mr. Morris stated, "If the new Legislature were formed and a war was to now breakout, they would again resort to this ruinous expedient if not guarded against.

During the debate they expressed their views, and decided, 9 states to 2 states, to deny the Congress power to emit bills of credit, meaning paper money. When the Constitution was ratified by the 13 States, they all understood that the federal government had no power to resort to paper emissions. Therefore, the federal government is not issuing paper money. Someone else is doing it. Not the government.

Therefore, we must each decide if we are going to support those who transgress the law, or support those who obey the law, no matter what the consequences. The way for us to be free is to obey the laws of God and the Constitutional Laws of the Land. This is where the people of this nation and their leaders have strayed from the Truth, and therefore, they have lost their freedom, even though they claim they are free.

Jan, I have not gone through this without a definite purpose. I, presently, am not a member of record in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I do attend church and help with projects where I am allowed. I am not allowed to pray in church meetings, nor am I permitted to speak, unless I am given special permission. The Lord is in charge of his church. His church and kingdom is one of order. When it gets out of order, he puts it back in order. This happened with Enoch, the seventh great grandson of Adam. He preached to wicked people and they repented and his whole city was taken into heaven because they were righteous and faithful people, because they heard the truth, repented, obeyed, and were saved and exalted in the kingdom of God. Mechizedek, a descendant of Noah, likewise was a king over a wicked people, but he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ unto the people, they believed the truth he taught them and the repented, obeyed and became a righteous people. Melchizedek was so faithful that the Holy Priesthood after the holy order of the Son of God was afterward referred to as the Melchizedek Priesthood, so that the name of the Son of God would not be too frequently spoken by the people.

The point of these two illustrations are this: Only when the people believe the gospel of Jesus Christ and repent and obey are they made free. The flood came when none of the people living on earth would repent, except for those eight people who survived on the ark, because they believed Noah, repented, obeyed and were saved from the flood that took the lives of all other people.

We live at a time akin to the time of the flood. The people are becoming more wicked, except for those who are believing, obeying and becoming more righteous. This time the earth will not be destroyed by water. It will be destroyed by fire. The flood represented the cleansing of the earth by baptism, with water completely covering the entire earth, and the fire that is to come represents the cleansing of the earth by fire and the Holy Ghost.

Following this cleansing by fire, Christ will reign on this earth for a thousand years. That is what we are preparing for, but many people are preparing themselves to be burned in the fire, while the faithful will be saved from the fire the same as Noah and his wife and his three sons and their wives were saved from the flood. This is certain. It will happen.

Now to come to the conclusion to the answer to your question. The oath of office and gold and silver coin violations are due to disobedience to both the laws of God and the Laws of Man. The Constitution was established by God and Christ so that his true church could be restored to the earth so the plan of salvation would become available to the inhabitants of the earth. If the Constitution is destroyed, then the true church will be adversely affected, and both freedom and the gospel of Jesus Christ will be lost or hindered respectively. Look at this example of the principle involved. The saints were driven from the United States in 1846 A.D. They came to Salt Lake City and settled in hundreds of places throughout the western lands, more than three hundred settlements during the time of Brigham Young, the great colonizer. After the saints were established in the Tops of the Mountains according to the scriptures, the United States entered into a civil war, after they had killed the prophet of God and driven the Lord's people out of the county.

The war was between the Northern States and the Southern States, but the saints had been moved far away in the West and were preserved from the War.

We are now suffering from the result of that Civil War. It was then that "paper money" was resorted to, a ruinous expedient. Both sides printed their own paper money. The South lost the war and their paper money failed. Their gold and silver did not fail. We now live in a world where paper money is failing all over the world. We are being prepared for the greatest financial collapse that has ever occurred on this earth.

But, now, as the Lord would have it, I am in the same stake as President Gordon B. Hinckley. We have the same stake president, Richard Ames. President Hinckley, in order to get a temple recommend must have it approved-signed by the Bishop and the Stake President in order for him to qualify to go to the temple. Even though he is the president of the Church, he must be interviewed by his Bishop and his Stake president.

In order for me to go to the temple I must be interviewed by my Bishop and my Stake President, who is also President Hinckley's Stake President. Now, please follow this very closely, because herein lies the answer to your question. Both President Hinckley and I must be approved by the same representative of the Lord in order to be able to attend the temple. God is no respecter of persons. His judges, the bishops and stake presidents, are bound by an oath and covenant to live by every word of God.

My stake president is a certified public accountant, a CPA. Among his clients are some banks. His views are very different than mine. I met with him on April 8, 2004 A.D., and we had our first interview in my pathway to being reinstated or restored to the Church. I gave President Ames six Scriptures to read and told him they all pertain to me. I told him I told my daughter, Heidi, that those scriptures referred to her father and his mission in this life, that would result in her father's death in the city of Jerusalem. Heidi died three and one half months after I last spoke to her on January 10, 2000 A.D., She died April 27, 2000 A.D., so I could not recall the words I spoke to her.

Now my stake president must make decisions concerning my worthiness to be a member of the only true church on earth, and he knows it. He must treat me equally with the Prophet of the Lord who holds the keys of the kingdom of God over the whole earth. If I am an impostor, I will be found out by these two men, whom God has placed in authority over me to be my judges. Both of them use paper money and I do not. Both of them use false notes, false coins and fictitious bank credit. The whole church operates on false money. This is where the matter you asked about will be resolved, how soon, I do not yet know. But be resolved it will.

God, our Father in heaven, and his Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are all perfectly united. They are of one heart and one mind. They are pure and holy beings, full of light and knowledge. There is no darkness in them. President Hinckley desires to be like them. President Ames desires to be like them. I desire to be like them. We can only become like them if we abide in the truth. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are Spirits of Truth and Freedom, not of falsehood and bondage.

The Lord has placed President Hinckley and President Ames and me in the same stake for his purposes, and what the Lord has proposed, who shall dis-annul or make void? It is in the Lords hands. My letter of June 23, 2003 A.D., has been, according to my former bishop, been forwarded to the First Presidency. It was accompanied with a twelve page letter that presents my views concerning the Constitution and the Main Street Plaza and its purchase without gold and silver coin, which I stated made the sale void. It also explains that I am the official Mayor of Salt Lake City, the official Clerk of Salt Lake County, and the Secretary of State of the State of Utah, and Acting Governor thereof.

The Doctrine and Covenants section 117:16 says the Lord's servants will overthrow the money changers in his own due time. So they will be overthrown. Paper money is evil. Its use is sin. Its use is a transgression of the laws of God and of man. No unclean thing can dwell in the presence of God. "I, the Lord, cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance." As the Lord sets his house in order, there can be no sin sanctioned therein. Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord. Who shall ascend to the hill of the Lord? He who hath clean hands and a pure heart, who hath not lifted up his heart to vanity nor sworn deceitfully. For these reasons the matter will be resolved beginning at the House of God, his holy temple and his holy church.

You asked me, "Now tell me, how do we solve this problem?" This is, in my view, how the Lord is solving this problem. We must pray without ceasing, exercise faith, honor God and live truth. There is no other way.

We are the children of God, and he wants to save us. He wants us to build his kingdom on earth with gold and silver coin. It is the money of the old and new testaments, and of the Book of Mormon. A shekel is a weight of money. A dollar is a weight of money. The Lord condemns the use of false weights and false measures. Paper money is a false security, a carnal security, which has failed and will continue to fail those who rely on it. The coins are also false securities because they are issued as representatives of value under 18 U.S.C. 8, if they are not full weight gold or silver coins.

Coins only have value as lawful money under the Constitution0n of the United States proportionate to the weight of the pure silver or pure gold in the coins relative to the standard of value for the dollar of the Constitution mentioned twice, first in Article I, Section 9, and in the Seventh Amendment. Therein is the solution of the problem, obedience to the Laws of God and the laws of man--for us, that law which is constitutional. Whatever is more or less than this cometh of evil.

With all my love, and with faith, hope and charity, which is the pure love of Christ, which never faileth. We will win this battle for truth and light and right as we fast, pray, obey and love God and all mankind.

Lawrence Rey Topham
Secretary of State
State of Utah

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